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The following was recently received from a retired NOPD officer in response to our recent Letter to the Editor regarding the planned changes to the NOPD detail system.

I would like to invite and encourage anyone who would like to share their thoughts on police details to submit something to be published. It can be about these so-called “reforms” or it can be your personal experience working paid details with how the detail impacted the community we serve. It could also be about how working paid details has impacted your family.

I would also like to strongly encourage anyone who works details to ask their detail employer to contribute their personal experiences with paid details and how it effected their business or event.

I will be happy to give the author credit for the article or post it anonymously at the author’s direction. Furthermore, I will refrain from editing (except maybe spacing for readability). You are welcome to submit something even if you do not work for NOPD. Email me or call me about submitting something — Donovan Livaccari;; 504-905-8280; or click Contact Me.


Details swell the NOPD too a minimum of 3500 officers. That number if memory serves me correctly is what the FBI claimed would be the proper strength of the Department.

Without them, the City would suffer from lack of manpower much more than now.

For Example, the 2nd District without the Neighborhood watch escorts, not to mention the Tulane University perimeter patrol, swells to over 50 officers additionally at any given time.
This is at no costs to the taxpayer, but rather the tight nit organizations that demand police protection to live there.

Bourbon Street, Pat O’Brien’s, and the clubs were the reason it was safe to go there then as there were NO shootings like now.

I don’t see how this is an aorta for corruption, seems like it makes sense.

How could the City hosts the Major events without details ?

They can’t.

Additionally, I was able to pay into Social Security, medicare, unemployment tax, and increased my own tax liability that funds the very agencies that are so critical of this practice. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

So tax for 3500 officers or be grateful that some are hard-working enough to put in the extra hours and work their butts off for honest wages instead of doing dis honest things for supplemental income!

I worked details for years and made several felony arrests and wrote reports, logged evidence, and went to court on my days off, and did nothing corrupt. In fact, I did not allow my regular assignment to suffer either.

Just my thoughts,

Sergeant Michael Bossetta, Sr.

Retired NOPD.

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