Download the NEW #FOP Crescent City Lodge App Today! #fopno #nopd

Download the new FOP Crescent City Lodge app for your smart phone today!

Crescent City Lodge #2 of the Fraternal Order of Police has been at the forefront representing its members. Now, approximately 90% of active NOPD officers are members of the Fraternal Order of Police. The FOP’s Legal Defense Plan has become the go-to legal resource for NOPD officers. In addition to the FOP Legal Defense Plan, the FOP has been working on general legal issues, legislation, and anything that has to do with the working conditions of its members.

Now, the FOP presents its new app for members of the Crescent City Lodge, available for iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

The new app provides easy access to:

FOPNO news feeds news feeds
Legal Defense Plan Contacts
Up to Date Calendar of Events
Use of Force Reporting Guide
Louisiana Police Officers Bill of Rights Info
Access to the FOPNO Twitter Feed
FOP E-Board Contacts

The new FOP app also provides FOP members with Push Notifications on important issues effecting our members.

CLICK HERE to download the Android Version

CLICK HERE to download the Apple Version


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