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nopd mourning badgeWhenever we hear about a police officer killed in the line of duty, there is a shudder that runs through the law abiding community. When the officer is someone you know, the impact is much more personal.  Today, we learned that New Orleans Police Department Officer Daryle Holloway had been shot and killed while most folks in New Orleans were still shaking the cobwebs loose after a night’s rest.  Officer Holloway was a well-respected, veteran member of the New Orleans Police Department. He was also a father.

Police officers accept that they have a dangerous job. That being said, we, members of the community, must not accept violence against police officers. In fact, we should not accept violence in our community at all. When police officers are killed in the line of duty, it tears at the fabric of our community.  Less than a month ago, HANO Officer James Bennett, Jr. was murdered while driving a marked police car.  Today, it happened again.

Hopefully, Officer Holloway’s death will not be in vain. Hopefully, this terrible tragedy will strengthen our community’s resolve that this and any other violence is unacceptable. Hopefully, it will lead to a united refrain that “Enough is Enough!”

Officer Holloway’s family needs our support and prayers. It may be a while before they are able to recover from this loss. The NOPD and the City of New Orleans will move forward — we don’t have much choice. Officer Holloway’s murderer will be apprehended and prosecuted.  The question is, will we move forward continuing to live with this unacceptable violence or will we all join together to say “Enough is Enough?”



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