Investment Primer for Criminal Justice Professionals


When considering or discussingĀ investment options and strategies for criminal justice professionals, one thing stands out immediately; whether you’re an attorney stuck in the courtroom until 8:00pm each night or a police officer assigned to the night watch, few of us have the free time necessary to navigate today’s complex financial markets. Simultaneously, new police officers and new prosecutors who start their careers in the low to mid $40’s do not typically have the assets to justify paying a growing number of full service advisors (many firms simply will not open new accounts below certain minimums). Those who attempt to venture into the shallow end of the modern investing world are usually overwhelmed with esoteric information. The typical family saving for retirement does not need to know what the VIX is, or the price of June WTI crude oil futures, and they certainly do not get up at 5:00am to get a feel for the Asian trading day and direction of U.S. pre-market trading prior to the open.

So, what’s a cop to do?
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