From; FOP NOLA Policy Committee

RE: Violence in Dallas 07/07/2016

We encourage officers to keep the following points in mind given current events;

Monitor your messages daily for FUSION and FBI intelligence bulletins and READ them. There will likely be a surge in open-source and other intelligence in the next several days.

Make every effort to partner/stack when possible and be vigilant when responding to suspicious sounding calls for service (use your dispatchers to your advantage if you get a suspicious sounding call before rushing into something; get your call-back if something doesn’t sound right).

Wear your vests at all times and ensure those around you are wearing a vest.

Please keep in mind that relentless media coverage can motivate violent ideation.

Do not perform administrative tasks in your unit while in a vulnerable position (blind spots, open spaces, etc.).

Lastly, please keep in mind that we have more support from our diverse community in New Orleans than we often realize; do not let the actions of a handful of people across the nation affect your relationship with THIS community. Honor those we lost in Dallas by remembering why we do this job, even in our most difficult days.

Keep up the excellent work NOPD, and watch each other’s six.






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About Jake Lundy

Nine year veteran of the New Orleans Police Department, including assignment to the Homicide Section, Consent Decree Compliance Bureau, and most recently the Education and Training Bureau. New Orleans Chairman of the FOP Criminal Justice Policy Committee and contributing author to forums such as www.signal108.com. I am also a fully licensed stockbroker and IAR (CRD # 6318075), always willing to discuss investing and planning with criminal justice professionals who do not have the considerable time necessary to navigate today's complex financial markets.

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