NOPD Superintendent’s Meeting Last Night.

Note from Donovan:  I invited Nadra Enzi, aka Cap Black, to be a contributor at  I think that he has a unique perspective that would be beneficial to everyone.  Cap Black is not affiliated with the FOP or the NOPD.  So, his positions may not mirror my positions or the FOP’s positions.  However, I have generally found Cap’s positions to be insightful and relevant.  I welcome Cap Black to our community and look forward to reading what he has to contribute.

This is my first post in Signal 108. I’m very glad to be here and lend whatever aid I can to a very important cause. For the record, I’m not a police officer, but am very active in creating safety with embattled urban stakeholders and openly supporting police in areas where that is sadly rare.

Police are part of the solution, not the problem, in high crime areas.

I attended the NOPD Superintendent’s public meeting tonight at Franklin Ave. Baptist church. To my surprise, his panelists included urban stakeholders actually engaged in mentoring, conflict mediation and with the Independent Police Monitor, civilian oversight. The chief of the unpopular Public Integrity Bureau was also a panelist, which was disappointing.

It was good hearing about the PeaceKeepers mediating conflict. It reminds folks that urban stakeholders can actually police ourselves. The meeting otherwise went as expected, with the public comment period mostly dominated by hostages whose issues sadly remain unaddressed years after I first heard them.

Bro Al Mims presentation on recent rudeness experienced while trying to get a police report was very well received. It was a plea of an urban police supporter who didn’t initially get support in return. The upside is the subject whose threat he needed documented may soon find himself arrested.

It underscored my disengagement from detente with NOPD leadership. I understand that my position as an urban stakeholder who who wants results from inquiries; supports police unions and assertive interdiction of crime places me outside some comfort zones.

In a community overflowing with violent crime, apologists and the like, all NOPD leadership can do is exchange pleasantries with me at events and visa versa. I don’t support the federal consent decree. I don’t support the Public Integrity Bureau as currently led and constituted- nor do local police unions. I don’t support the retention-killing Office of Police Secondary Employment, ironically born from a suggestion by a former assistant United States attorney ( AUSA ) who was removed for posting privileged information on, under aliases.

I support a pro-active agency that recognizes urban stakeholders as partners- not pariahs to be ignored or patronized. I support an agency that makes career criminals a priority, not one with handcuffs applied by DC or activist lawyers. Finally, I support an agency whose policies are shaped by its unions.

Last night’s event, hosted by the NOPD superintendent, tells me what I support won’t materialize anytime soon.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist. @nadraenzi on twitter. UrbanSafetyism blog.



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