Are Police Obsolete?

The early 21st century may well be called, ” the era when police became obsolete. ” A veteran officer told me once that police were obsolete. He arrived at this conclusion after seeing the profession face unprecedented scrutiny.

Our challenge as stakeholders is to answer this question for ourselves. The media and high profile agitators don’t have final say in the matter. There are lifelong civilians and police retirees whose passionate police support doesn’t make national news. As law abiding people, protesting and creating buzz isn’t their style. I strongly suggest they raise the volume because anti-police voices have seized the airwaves.

The cure for Fergueson Effect depolicing rests in loud, organized public support of police officers. Pro-law enforcement lobbying must hit the streets, media and ballot boxes. It must change the narrative about policing in America. Civilian advocacy for police is the gaping hole between police unions and police protesters. It can be filled by folks who feel police aren’t obsolete, but only if they’re ready to fight. Are you ready to fight for police when they can’t fight for themselves?

Your response shapes safety and society for this century.

-Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black, Your UrbanSafetyist. @nadraenzi on twitter.

1 thought on “Are Police Obsolete?

  1. Great editorial. This is very much what happened at the turn of the 20th Century oddly enough. And by 1920 or so what happened? More corruption in police departments existed than ever before, as corrupt politicians and organized crime cartels ruled the most major cities.
    Apathetic status seekers rose to high levels within “modern” police departments, but very little in the way of fighting crime took place. This is the direction many would have us go in again. But for citizens like you and retirees like myself (and there are many more of us than ever I’ll wager) the fight would be much more difficult. I lost a lot standing up for others, but I wouldn’t stop then and I certainly will not stop now. There are atrocities going on as we speak, but for fear of retribution most officers remain silent. So WE are needed if those officers are ever to have a voice. Thank you in advance for what you do.

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