Protect Yourself

The point of this article is not to brag, so read the whole thing.

It is impossible these days to miss discussions of the coronavirus, or COVID-19. As law enforcement officers, FOP members are always coming into contact with high risk individuals. So, the FOP bought hand sanitizer and dropped them off at the MAXX meeting to be distributed to the Districts. If you didn’t get any, don’t worry. We have more coming.

4th District Station

As I said at the beginning of this article (under the FOP logo), the point of this is not to brag. The point is to say WASH YOUR HANDS. Those little 2 ounce bottles of hand sanitizer are good for when you can’t wash your hands, but washing your hands is better. See (at least the photos) this article. So, when you can, wash your hands with warm water and soap. When you can’t, the FOP has provided its members with 2 oz. bottles of hand sanitizer that fit neatly in your pocket.

Remember, there are situations where neither hand sanitizer or hand washing is enough. You should have latex gloves in your gear bag. The hospitals or EMS will usually give you latex gloves. You can wash your hands when you take the gloves off. Blood and other bodily fluids are nothing to play with. You might be able to wash your hands before you rub the coronavirus into your eyes or mouth. Blood can cause different problems. Always protect yourself.

Studies have shown that we touch our faces an average of 3.6 times per hour. The answer is to wash your hands frequently. You can work on touching your face less often, but most people do that without even thinking about it. WASH YOUR HANDS.

Donovan at Signal108 dot Com.

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