It’s Friday in New Orleans and the Weather is Fine (Just Not in Every City)

I want to start by congratulating NOPD Class 195 for deciding to become New Orleans Police Officers and for sticking it out through thick and thin. These 18 officers graduate today, 9/30/2022, and will join a depleted New Orleans Police Department starting on Sunday. I think you will be inspired by the message in the video above. In fact, I think all members of the New Orleans Police Department will find inspiration in the video above.

Of course, I also want to thank the members of the New Orleans Police Department who will serve as Field Training Officers for these 18 new officers. Last, but not least, I want to thank the other officers who are still serving my community and the other communities in the City of New Orleans. You are doing a fantastic job under the circumstances and I can promise that we will continue to work on your behalf.

Next, I want to thank Sgt. Michael Sam for accompanying Sgt. Walter Powers, Jr. (Ret.), President of the Crescent City Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, Sgt. Willie Jenkins, 2nd VP, and myself to the Academy yesterday. Thanks to Sgt. Jim Gallagher (Ret.) for putting the packets together before he left to go on vacation.

We are also thinking about our brothers and sisters in Florida who are coming to work every day while they too suffer the losses caused by Hurricane Ian. We have been there and we understand. Anyone who wants to make a donation to help our fellow FOP members in need in Florida can click the link below and choose the Fraternal Order of Police Foundation. NFOP DART (Disaster Area Response Team) will be deploying to effected areas of Florida on October 1, You can support their efforts by continuing today. Whether its $5.00 or $500, you can help.

Following Hurricane Katrina, the National Fraternal Order of Police provided over $1.5 Million in support to FOP members in New Orleans and Louisiana, Donations help them do that again.

Sgt. Willie Jenkins, our 2nd Vice President and the Chair of the FOP Crescent City Lodge’s Labor Committee, had been hired by the New Orleans Police Department in 2005 and graduated from the Academy on August 12, 2005, 17 days before Hurricane Katrina made its way to New Orleans. We had officers who abandoned their posts. We had officers who were made homeless by Hurricane Katrina. There were NOPD officers who took their own lives after Hurricane Katrina. I believe the experience made Sgt. Jenkins a better, more empathetic police officer. Who knows for sure what made Sgt, Jenkins into such a good supervisor, leader, officer, committee chair, and simply a good human being. I’m sure thee are many factors that went into making Sgt. Jenkins who he is today. But, Hurricane Katrina made significant contributions to the Police Officer Sgt. Willie Jenkins is today. The results of Hurricane Ian do not have to be all bad.

To FOP Members in Florida: It doesn’t have to be all bad following the destruction caused by the hurricane. Look out for your fellow police officers. If something seems off, make a point of talking to him or her. Some of your colleagues have suffered losses that seem insurmountable to them. Let them know that these losses are not insurmountable. We will do our best to help you with that. It will probably take a long time — you in Florida already know that — but it will come back together,

To the members of NOPD Class 195 graduating today, we will be there when you need us. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to be there for others. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of those opportunities to be there for others. You will appreciate it.

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