Active NOPD members of FOP Crescent City Lodge #2 should check their email from 11/21/22 and 11/25/22, look for an email from the FOP about Recruitment and Retention Benefits, and open it up. Inside, there will be a link to a survey that will help members of the City Council decide what types of benefits to add, remove, or change to improve NOPD recruitment and retention. If you do not answer the anonymous survey, your thoughts on the matter will not be considered. However, if you take a few minutes and complete the survey, you may be able to help the City Council decide what benefits or types of benefits they should try to implement to improve NOPD recruitment and retention. Please complete and submit the survey. Also, not everyone reads their emails or looks at Signal108 (this website). Please pass this information on to your colleagues. If they have already submitted the survey, they should not submit another. However, the more individuals who complete the survey, the clearer the picture becomes relative to what benefits or types of benefits our current officers would value the most. 

Please look at your inbox on Monday, November 21st, 2022, and look for an email from FOPNO that is titled NOPD Retention Survey. You could also have that same email in your inbox dated today, Friday, November 25th, 2022. Again, please only submit one completed survey per active officer. However, if you started the survey but did not finish or finished the survey but did not submit it, you can still do that if you do it soon.

If, for some reason, you believe that your personal and/or work email address is incorrect in the FOP’s records, please contact us and let us know so that we can straighten out any mistakes. It is important to have accurate information in the FOP’s records. There are beneficiary cards that need to be completed. Addresses need to be accurate. Phone numbers need to be accurate. And the FOP should have your personal email address. Remember, you have no expectation of privacy as it relates to the contents of your work email address. You can avoid that privacy problem simply by signing up for a free Gmail account, Outlook account, Yahoo account, or Protonmail account ( If you have any questions about email accounts or about an expectation of privacy, please feel free to call me and I will do my best to explain the situation. 

In any event, please take a minute to find the email from this past Monday (11/21/22) or from Friday (11/25/22) so that you can complete the survey and have your voice counted amongst the others in determining what types of recruitment and retention benefits you personally find valuable and desirable.

When I sat down with Council President Moreno to discuss this survey, that was the goal — To identify the benefits or types of benefits that officers would find valuable and desirable so that we can attack the current manpower shortage and give current officers something that they will be able to use moving forward and become the best recruiters we could possibly have. Finally, we are hoping these benefits will make the NOPD more competitive for new hires and lateral hires. We are competing with agencies from coast to coast all of a sudden. If you are working up north and you don’t like the cold, come on down to New Orleans. We have never experienced lake effect snow in New Orleans.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. You cannot get anything done without sharing your thoughts and ideas on the topics we are trying to do something about. Here is your opportunity. Let’s get this done. I also want to thank Council President Helena Moreno, her Chief of Staff, Andrew Tuozzolo, Sgt. Willie Jenkins, our Labor Committee Chairman, and Det. Marylou Agustin for taking the time to do a deep-dive into these benefits for all of our sakes. Last, but not least, thank you for taking the time to complete and submit the survey. Please spread the word. This is only for active employees of the New Orleans Police Department.