Update on NOPD Survey on Benefits for Recruitment and Retention

Time us running very short for active NOPD officers to complete the survey on benefits for recruitment and retention. You should have an email in your inbox from FOPNO if you are an active member of the NOPD police. The emails were sent on Monday, 11/21/22, and 11/25/22. The link should be in that email and it should work until 8 PM tonight (11/28/22).

I want to thank all of you who participated in this survey. Special thanks goes to Council President Moreno and her staff and Labor Committee Chairman Willie Jenkins, and Labor committee member detective Marylou Agustin for putting a lot of effort into this project.

I also want to thank President Powers for his enthusiasm about the project and Jim Gallagher for distributing the information to our members. Last, but not least, I want to thank the FOP members who took the time to complete the surgery

Remember, for those who have not completed the survey, you have until 8 PM on 11/28/22. So, there is still time. We will see what the survey results are later this week.


1 thought on “Update on NOPD Survey on Benefits for Recruitment and Retention

  1. Donovan When I was assigned to the Print Shop from 1996 to 2004, I was the proofreader for all the Superintendent’s Messages to all the Members of the N.O.P.D. . I would be more than glad to proof read your messages if that’s important to you.

    Sidney Garaudy FOP Member N.O.P.D. RETIRED (1987-2012)

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