NOPD Officer Jason Lewis Reinstated by Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal

NOPD Police Officer Jason Lewis was formerly a NOPD K-9 handler. In 2009, Officer Lewis suffered the loss of his K-9 partner, Primo. Following the loss of Primo, Officer Lewis was investigated by the Public Integrity Bureau. The Public Integrity Bureau did not find Officer Lewis responsible for Primo’s death.

Despite a “no true bill” from an Orleans Parish Grand Jury, the District Attorney’s Office filed a Bill of Information and charged Officer Lewis with a felony. At some point, Officer Lewis and his attorneys decided that it was in his best interest to plead guilty to a misdemeanor to avoid what they perceived as a hostile trial environment.

Officer Lewis was subsequently terminated from the New Orleans Police Department by Superintendent Ronal Serpas. Officer Lewis appealed to the Civil Service Commission who upheld the termination.

FOP Attorney Ted Alpaugh appealed the Civil Service Commission’s decision to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals for the State of Louisiana.

On appeal, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeal reversed the decision of the Civil Service Commission and ordered Officer Lewis reinstated to his employment with back pay and emoluments.

That decision can and should be read here.

Congratulations to Officer Lewis and Mr. Alpaugh on a well-deserved victory.