NOPD Police Officer II Promotions

Fraternal Order of PoliceCrescent City Lodge No. 2 (LA 002) 

November 2, 2012
NOPD Promotes Police Officers II

This afternoon, NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas announced the promotion of 206 police officers to the position of Police Officer II.

The Fraternal Order of Police would like to publicly thank Chief Serpas for honoring the committment he made to the FOP in early 2012.  We’d also like to thank Deputy Chief Stephanie Landry, Commander Otha Sandifer, Commander Henry Dean, and Captain Ernest Demma for all of the hard work they put into this project.

We know that many officers who put the required time and effort into the study materials and took the test were not promoted.  Some because of open PIB investigations; some because of undocumented sick leave; and others because they are out on IOD or extended sick leave.

We would encourage all of those members to contact an FOP attorney (see list at bottom of page).  We cannot guarantee that we can resolve every case, but we will guarantee that we will look into every situation and make every effort to get every eligible officer promoted.

The Fraternal Order of Police looks forward to working with the administation toward the promotion of Police Officers III and Police Officers IV in 2013.

Jim Gallagher

Fraternal Order of Police

(504) 442-4050

FOP Attorneys

Donovan Livaccari     (504) 905-8280

Claude Schlesinger   (504) 529-4141

Raymond Burkart      (985) 893-2657

Ted Alpaugh             (504) 481-1844

James Gallagher
Fraternal Order of Police

(504) 442-4050