NFOP BWC Webinar


On October 9, 2014, the National Fraternal Order of Police Labor Services Division hosted a webinar on body worn cameras (BWC’s) and the policies associated therewith.

CLICK HERE to view the NFOP BWC Webinar.

OIPM Mediation


I had the opportunity to participate in the first mediated complaint for the NOPD.  The mediation was conducted by the Office of the Independent Police Monitor.  The actual subject of the mediation and the discussions are confidential.  However, the process seemed reasonable and the outcome was fair.

My suggestion to all officers is to call me if you have the opportunity to participate in a mediation.  I will be happy to share my thoughts on whether it is beneficial to participate in the mediation or to discuss the proceedings in greater detail.  I am also available to accompany officers to mediations.

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