2022 Lieutenant’s Exam

The New Orleans Civil Service Department announced that the application process for Police Lieutenant will open from January 14, 2022, through February 4, 2022, at 5:00 pm. In order to take the test, candidates need to have two years of experience as a Police Sergeant. Candidates are also required to have 90 college credit hours on one transcript in order to sit for the exam. If you have college credits at different institutions, do not wait to get them consolidated onto one transcript.

Candidates can sign up for the exam online by clicking here.

The test is tentatively scheduled for April 11, 2022.

These deadlines and minimum requirements are hard and fast. Missing a deadline or missing out on a minimum requirement will result in the candidate’s application being rejected.

The Fraternal Order of Police will be offering test prep seminars to help our members prepare for the exam. We will put out the information as soon as it is available.