#NOPD Use of Force Update – Ch. 1.3


This is a general review of NOPD policies on the use of force.  The Department should be providing use of force training and nothing contained herein should be considered to supplant any information provided in official training.  In fact, if anyone notes something in this article which is contrary to what is being taught in training, please let me know.

Chapter 1.3, titled Use of Force, will be effective on August 9, 2015 and will replace Policy/Procedure 300.

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#NOPD Promotion Appeals

The NOPD promoted 18 sergeants to lieutenant and 8 police officers to sergeant on July 24, 2015. Many people have inquired about lawsuits and appeals regarding these promotions. The Crescent City Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police is taking the following actions.

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Why I Love the FOP

Today, I was walking into Orleans Parish Criminal District Court to sit in on a hearing for Travis Boys, the perpetrator of the murder of Police Officer Daryle Holloway. It is important to the FOP to support the family in light of the tragic circumstances leading to the hearing. As I was walking in, I received a phone call from Daryle Holloway’s mother. Mrs. Holloway had called to say that she was grateful that someone had heard what she had to say at the City Council meeting and that the FOP had chosen to honor her son by presenting achievement awards in his name. As I was sitting in the courtroom waiting for the case to be called, I was thinking about an email that I had sent yesterday that basically said the Crescent City Lodge of the FOP welcomes participation by its members and that I regularly encourage members to get more involved in the organization. I also touched on some of the reasons why I love the FOP. The email was in response to a number of Facebook posts that made reference to “they” and “them,” intimating that there was some type of shadow organization which was really calling the shots in the FOP. I thought that I might write this article on why I love the FOP, which expands upon that email. This is one dues paying member’s story, who was lucky enough to be heavily involved in the FOP.

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