2013 Unofficial #NOPD Sergeants List #FOP #FOPNO

I believe this is an accurate list.  There are an additional 6 people who haven’t provided the required educational documentation.  The official list will be released by the Superintendent or the Civil Service Department.  

UPDATE:  There were a number of questions regarding the educational requirements for promotion.  Based on Information Bulletin #2, officers had to have sixty (60) semester hours of credit from an accredited college or university to take the test.  In order to be certified for promotion to Police Sergeant, candidates must have an Associate’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree or must have successfully completed at least ninety (90) semester hours of college credit from an accredited college or university on one transcript.

How the test was scored and banded can be found here.

Band 1:

  • Jonathan Bulliung

Band 2:

  • Bryan Mulvey
  • Sandra Contreras
  • Samuel Davis, Jr.
  • Francis Jarrott
  • Michael Rooney

Band 3:

  • Jamie Roach
  • Dean Herrick
  • Christopher Johnson
  • Julie Jacobs
  • Omar Garcia
  • Andrew Packer
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Karla Baker

Band 4:

  • Randi Gant
  • Rebecca Easley
  • Ray Jones
  • Samuel Dupre
  • Roy Guggenheim, Jr.
  • Phillip Edwinson
  • Corey Lymous
  • Merrell Merricks
  • Nicole Powell
  • Damond Harris

Band 5:

  • Patrick Kennelly
  • Gregory Powell
  • Jason Lewis
  • Kelly Morel
  • Wane Delarge, II
  • Travis Luken
  • Marc Boudreau
  • Augustine Yates
  • Aiyana Francis
  • George Olivier, III
  • Jennifer Kemper
  • David Barnes
  • Perrin Gaines
  • John Helou
  • Larry Cager, Jr.
  • Troy Dickerson

Band 6:

  • Tracie Savala
  • Jeffrey Giroir
  • Jeffrey Roach
  • Nicholas Williams
  • Gregory Johnson
  • Travis Ward
  • Melanie Dillon
  • Kimera Woods
  • Jason Hickman
  • Anthony Bakewell
  • Travis Brooks
  • Max Schuler
  • Stephanie Taillon
  • Shawn Jenkins
  • Tagie Journee
  • Terrance Wilson
  • Richard G. Blackman, III
  • Darlene Stokes
  • Jeffrey Wellborn
  • Benjamin Jones

Band 7:

  • Carl Wilson
  • Brian Elsensohn
  • Mary Lewis
  • Patrick Smith
  • Ernest Alex
  • Victor Gant, Jr.
  • Derek Burke
  • Kevin Thompson

Band 8:

  • Tony Mitchell
  • Jerusha Carroll
  • Latina Jolivett
  • Wayne Jacque
  • Athena Monteleone
  • Charles Love
  • Alfred Harris
  • Robert Evangelist, Jr.
  • Chad Gagnon
  • Floyd Jackson
  • Ashley Boult
  • Dwayne Bastian
  • Oscar Ortiz
  • Latoya Lamb-Johnson
  • Candice Preston
  • Michelle Bickham
  • Corey Clark
  • Frank Robertson
  • Willie Jenkins
  • Shandrell Privott
  • Keenen Shields

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#NOPD Police Details #NOLA #FOP #FOPNO

detail mcEconomic Impact for the City of New Orleans

Sugar Bowl (2012) – $493.73 million (Metro New Orleans) http://www.allstatesugarbowl.org/site.php?pageID=19&newsID=564#.Uy3IA61dViY

NBA All Star Game – $90 million  http://gnosports.com/2014-new-orleans-host-committee-announces-successful-nba-star-game/

Mardi Gras – More than $500 million (Regional)  http://www.wdsu.com/news/entertainment/carnival-central-extended-coverage/new-orleans-prepares-to-implement-new-mardi-gras-rules/24569136#mid=18674480

French Quarter Fest – $259.5 million  http://fqfi.org/about.html

WrestleMania XXX – Unknown – Estimated 80,000 visitors   http://www.neworleanscvb.com/press-media/press-kit/whats-new/

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival – More than $300 million  http://www.forbes.com/sites/adrianalopez/2013/05/06/new-orleans-jazz-fest-comes-full-circle-with-its-mission/

What do all of these things have in common?  The police details which contribute significantly to making these events safe and successful will not be handled by the Office of Police Secondary Employment (OPSE).

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FLSA/Incentive Pay Overtime Law Suit #NOPD #FOP #FOPNO


UPDATE:  The deadline to opt-in to the lawsuit has been extended to June 30, 2014.

As you may have heard, attorneys for the Crescent City Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) have entered into a settlement agreement with the City of New Orleans in a federal law suit concerning the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and incentive overtime.  If you were an employee of the New Orleans Police Department on or after May 10, 2009, you may be eligible to collect back pay.

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Disciplinary Letters, Civil Service Appeals, and SRO #NOPD #FOP #FOPNO

The culmination of the disciplinary process within the New Orleans Police Department consists of a phone call one day, when you least expect it, instructing you to appear at the Public Integrity Bureau to sign for a disciplinary letter.  The disciplinary letter is a letter on departmental letterhead, signed by the Superintendent, which lays out the alleged cause justifying the discipline, the rules allegedly violated, and the imposition of the final discipline (suspension, letter of reprimand, etc.).

While this is the end of the line for the NOPD’s disciplinary process, it is not the end of the line for classified employees or FOP members.  You have a number of options available to you at this point.

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